Market Delta

The software I use to chart  is Market Delta. I have been using them for 5 years and have absolutely no complaints. The profile feature along with the volume studies makes them second to none. Here is some information from their website….

MarketDelta     MarketDelta

Located in Chicago, MarketDelta® LLC is a leading provider of charting, trading, and financial data visualization software. The company began in 2003 at the Chicago Mercantile Exchange by traders who wanted greater transparency and better tools to trade by.  Today the company has grown into a leader serving traders, proprietary trading groups, hedge funds, banks, and investors around the globe through our innovative suite of products.


MarketDelta® Charts – This is our flagship brand offering advanced charting, analytics, and backtesting.

  • It is offered as a monthly subscription ranging from $129 to $249.
  • Various enablements and functionality differentiate the editions.
  • Supports many streaming and historical data providers.
  • Recognized as an industry leader in volume analysis, order flow analysis, and Market Profile®.

MarketDelta Trader™- This is our new trading and order management application. It is powerful, full featured, and easy to use. It is free, simply register or login to retreive your license key.

  • Supported brokerage technology is OEC, with others coming early in 2012.
  • Includes Footprint® chart right alongside the market of depth for superior transparency.
  • Automated order management, including bracket orders, & much more.

MarketDelta® Heat Map – This product is part of our mobile division which focuses on applications for the iPad and iPhone.

  • Provides and intuitive interface for tracking the markets.
  • Screens to help find opportunities across an index or list.
  • Version for both the iPhone and iPad.

And some videos for training on specific feature and product orientation…


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