Morning Update: 12/30/2011

Hello Traders

2:55 am…

As I write this update the ES is attempting to make new highs of 1258. After hitting support a couple of days ago the ES has bounced and is now approaching the highs set on 12/28 of 1264.  We are diffidently looking overbought here and would anticipate some sort of pullback. We will be taking it light today and will not be entering any new trades as volume is light and direction unpredictable. We took two small loses yesterday YI and DX. However, we reentered the DX short and we are now positive for the trade. We are anticpating an intiative move to the downside and will be leaving it on with our remaining ES trade for the rest of the year. Moreover, we reentered YI for a balance extreme play in which we are positive for the trade. I wish all of you a happy new year and see you in 2012!


Trade Well,

Olof Thomas


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